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The People

Puja is an army brat, people person and an action movie enthusiast. She builds client and partner relationships at Studio March.


Sukh is an introvert in an extrovert's body, loves mountains and owns a burgeoning collection of unread books.


Abhay is an all-around nature buff, designer and photographer. He’s often drawing pictures and writing notes.


Ashish is a Bombay born designer and minimalist. He loves to paint and is often riding cross-country on his motorcycle.


We build products for the internet

Endless for iOS

Endless for iOS brings you great, curated articles from Wikipedia. Learn something new everyday.
Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is a fun, free chat app made for India, filled with local content and sensibilities.

ERP Next is a beautiful, simple business planning tool for entrepreneurs and small teams.
Gates Foundation

CDD is a Gates Foundation company that enables scientists to collaborate on and create new drugs.

We believe good design, clear communication and a great experience can improve life in an incremental but significant way.

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